Hi! I’m Rosalynn, a freelance writer and solo mom of two. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to work in my favourite neighbourhood used bookstore, and against her better judgement, the owner is letting me try.

Every shift I learn something new—about the trade, about the books we stock, or about myself—mostly by making mistakes. If you prefer your books (and your embarrassment) secondhand, this is the newsletter for you.1

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All By Our Shelves started out as a love letter to single-parent family stories, which I still adore and continue to feature, whenever it makes sense for this new format. All the original essays and reviews are freely available in the archives.

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a bookish solo mom learns how to run a used bookstore, one shift at a time.


A former literary magazine editor, Rosalynn would always rather be reading, especially when she's writing. She lives with her two daughters in Ontario, Canada.